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Donations are made to support a player!  Choose your favorite player and donate for a great cause!

Game: April 21, 2023 • 9am-9pm

Border City Connects Presents our 2nd annual Play it Forward 12 hour charity Hockey Game to be held April 21, 2023 at the Service Sports Centre. The game will take place from 9:00AM-9:00PM with 44 hockey players involved as well as 2 refs.

Players will be asked to fundraise a minimum of $500 each to play in the game.

Border City Connects is in need of a new Border City Careavan to continue the 100’s of trips it provides community members each year to attend out of town non-emergency medical appointments and the cost will be approximately  $60,000 for a hybrid model.

We will be live streaming this event all day with the ability for people to watch and donate live as well as attend the Service Sports Centre and watch live for a donation at the door.

How you can help:

Your company can become a major sponsor or make a donation. Share the sponsor package with your contacts to help raise funds and awareness of the game.


The first 50 players will be accepted. As a player, you are required to raise a minimum of $500 to be in the game. Of course you can raise as much as possible. The top 3 players raising the most Donations will be entered into a draw to win a cash prize of $500. Pledge forms and donations are to be turned no latter than game day morning. A pledge form is also included in the E mail you are receiving.

Your signed player waiver form must be submitted no later than March 30, 2023 as we need these for the game insurance. Your signed form will confirm your participation and your guarantee of the minimum $500 fundraising goal.

Food and beverage as well as on site medical services will be provided to all players during the game. The OTS room will be open for you and your fans through out the day and there will be a

You will play 6 hours of the 12 hour game. Score will be cumulative with a winning team announced at games end.  You will be required to stay on site for the entire day.

Without this fundraiser, services for those in need are in jeopardy. We appreciate your support! For questions, to sponsor or for further information and to register with your signed release form please contact:

Aaron Buckingham



LAST UPDATED: 2023-04-22 • 9:00am mst

$0 - Lee Haughian

$0 - Sheldon Heck

$0 - Joe Hufnagel

$0 - Cory Dubyk

$0 - Blake Hunter

$0 - Adam Wright

$0 - Kevin Kraft

$0 - Aaron Buckingham

$0 - Jase Dopko

$0 - Jared Tocher

$0 - Kent Smith

$0 - Ben Parke

$0 - Greg Desaulniers

$0 - Kevin McEachern

$0 - Travis Tomanek

$0 - Darrel Lambert

$0 - Marty Wheaton

$0 - Ryan Kretschmer

$0 - Colin Lefebvre

$0 - Keegan Lane

$0 - Kyle Nerbas

$0 - Wil Grainger

$0 - Dustin Newman

$0 - Mike Bernard

$0 - Adrian Rogers

$0 - Kurri Carlson

$0 - Jordan Newton

$0 - Jaxson Rutley

$0 - Charles Classen

$0 - Clint Vetter

$0 - Dwayne Keichinger

$0 - Taylor Holt

$0 - Jeremiah Young

$0 - Jessie Moffat

$0 - Shane Peters

$0 - Lyle Duhaime

$0 - Todd Kirkpatrick

$0 - Kade Dennett

$0 - Josh Sitko

$0 - Cody Mazerolle

$0 - Bill Caverly

$0 - Murray Drever

$0 - Shaun Newman

$0 - Ryley Currie

$0 - Greg Schierbeck

$0 - Sean Hill

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